LaOpala Tender Trio Dinner Set of 35 pieces
Ethnic arts of india

LaOpala Tender Trio Dinner Set of 35 pieces

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Diva that ranks amongst the finest in the world. A perfect blend of international sophistication and everyday practicalities, Diva stands out not only for its milky white glaze but also for its exquisitely chic designs.

Features & details

  • Scratch resistance, super white and super light
  • Toughened extra strong and break resistant
  • Bone ash free and 100 percent vegetarian
  • Package Contents: 6-Pieces Full Plate (270mm), 6-Pieces Quarter Plate (190mm), 6-Pieces Vegetable Bowl (210ml), 6-Pieces Soup Bowl (310ml), 6-Pieces Spoon, 1-Piece Oval Platter (320mm) and 2-Pieces Casserole (1.32 Litres) Salt & pepper 
  • 100% Halal & vegetarian 

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